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get him high, THEN flush him [30 Aug 2006|11:21am]


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[16 Nov 2005|09:05pm]


Sign the petition to block Alito's nomination!
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[12 Jul 2005|03:29pm]

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Boycott [24 Jun 2005|11:12pm]

I've started, just this afternoon, compiling a list of sponsors and paid advertisers on the Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity programs. It is my belief that through the boycott the products and services we can effect change and remove Rush and Hannity from the air and stop the enormous amount of harm they're doing to the United States and the world. If you're interested or if you want to read further into my reasoning just check out my page.

Also, I'll do my best to update the list of advertisers to boycott as often as I can and I'll try to keep a comprehensive list accessible as well. Thanks for reading this post.
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[28 Apr 2005|04:40pm]

I am a 20 year old bisexual female from the state of Indiana in the United States. I receive newletters from the Human Rights Campaign and was recently informed of a bill introduced to the U.S. Congress that would repeal the "don't ask, don't tell" policy currently enforced among homosexuals in the United States Military. Basically, any known homosexual will be prevented from joining the military or discharged from the military simply because they are gay. This new bill, called the Military Readiness Enhancement Act, would do away with "don't ask, don't tell" and institute complete tolerance of homosexuals in the military.

I wrote to my state representative, voicing my opinion on the bill, and asking him to support it. My request was denied. Apparently, my congressman believes that "homosexual activity is prejudicial to the good order and discipline of the armed services. For that reason, [he] oppose[s] any efforts that would allow known homosexuals to enter into or continue service in the military."

Now, I'm not a naive person, and I did not expect miracles. But I do believe that this world is gradually changing. As homosexual, bisexual, and transgender people are being more open about their sexuality, we are starting to be accepted for who and what we are. Change will not happen in a day... it may not even happen in a decade.

However, we need to let our voices be heard now, so that we can start changing the future one person at a time. For this reason, I'm asking you, whoever you are, wherever you're from, and whatever your sexuality is, to write to the United States Congress in support of this bill. It may not be passed and made into law, but at least we will let the U.S. government know that gay, bi, and transgender people everywhere are willing to stand up for their rights.

If you've gotten this far, thank you for reading, and please show your support for all homosexuals in the military by writing a letter today.

Megan LeRoy

(Cross-posted to many, many communities)
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why did i attack you? [03 Jan 2005|09:59pm]

well i have suceeded in making at least one of you back up their opinions with at the very least reason. if you have an opinion back it up, cite some sources, research the topic instead of hearing only what you want to, and most of all defend them! a little disagreement can enrich the understanding of all..
and if you havn't figured it out yet it should probably be BOWELS, not BOWLS on the comment link
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[29 Nov 2004|11:47am]


How dare the president state he will mark homophobia a priority, he is even going to try to implement homophobic rules to the Constitution, proclaiming that breeders are better to get tax breaks and basic law protection on the street or in a school! Why isn’t anybody standing up against this lunacy? Why don’t we get more interested in the work that David Caldwell (a breeder at that!) is doing?


Everybody should be doing this, we need to be assholes to religious fanatical conservatives (in power from top to bottom ;) and get in their face or else collectively we will suffer.

With our silence we have allowed them to go this far.

Next Ferndale Michigan should get a domestic-partnership registry.

Get off you ass and do something.
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[06 Nov 2004|12:03am]

Starve the power-

Top 30 Republican (US) donors with global consumer brands
1 MBNA $3.0m
2 Philip Morris $2.9m
3 Microsoft Corp $2.4m
4 Bristol Myers Squibb $2.1m
5 Pfizer $1.9m
6 Enron $1.8m (well at least these assholes are gone)
7 Citigroup $1.8m
8 Time Warner/AOL $1.6m
9 Amway $1.3m
10 Glaxo SmithKline $1.3m
11 Exxon Mobil $1.2m
12 News Corp $1.2m
13 General Electric $1.1m
14 Limited Inc $950k
15 BP Amoco $950k
16 American Airlines $900k
17 Schering Plough $900k
18 Anheuser Busch $850k
19 Chevron Texaco $800k
20 Revlon Group $760k
21 American Home Products $740k
22 PepsiCo $720k
23 Walt Disney $640k
24 WalMart $630k
25 Texas Utilities $630k
26 Coca Cola $610k
27 UAL Corp $570k
28 Archer Daniels Midland $530k
29 Ford $510k
30 General Motors $510k

These fuckers need a weekly e-mail and monthly snail mail from all of us, and we need to figure out ways in which to NEVER BUY FROM THESE corporations THAT CONTOL US. Who can give me a list of alternatives that are worthy of our money-
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Yes. [01 Nov 2004|11:38am]

Quoth the Fat One:
"And now the liberals want to stop President Reagan from selling chemical warfare agents and military equipment to Saddam Hussein, and why? Because Saddam 'allegedly' gassed a few Kurds in his own country. Mark my words. All of this talk of Saddam Hussein being a 'war criminal' or 'committing crimes against humanity' is the same old thing. LIBERAL HATE SPEECH! And speaking of poison gas . . . I SAY WE ROUND UP ALL THE DRUG ADDICTS AND GAS THEM TOO!"

Rush Limbaugh
Nov. 3, 1988
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-== vote for Eminem's 'Mosh' - make MTV play it =-- [28 Oct 2004|02:11pm]

Want to put an ad out on the air in a prime spot to move and motivate the many new, young voters to cast their ballots for change, but don't have any money? Easy - just vote for Eminem's scathing new video "Mosh" on MTV's "total request live" show. It's as good as a campaign ad, but coming from someone that they're more likely to listen to, rather than their nearest primped and polished politician. Not only does this powerful video have the potential to really motivate people to the polls through rain sleet and snow, but it also may have a decent chance at swaying the undecided, uninterested, and swing voters to the other side. By pure strength in numbers, we could force the controversey-shy MTV to play this video for every day from now to election day. Forward the link to friends.

Vote for it at: http://www.mtv.com/onair/trl/vote/

Watch it at: http://www.gnn.tv/content/eminem_mosh.html (includes a small file, and a very high quality 45 mb file for those with fast connections)
or right click this link to save the full-quality file to your computer: http://movies06.archive.org/3/movies/Mosh2/GNN_Mosh_bb2.mov

Streaming video available at:
Realplayer - http://boss.streamos.com/real/interscope/eminem/encore/video/mosh-rev/00_mosh-rev.ram
Windows Media - http://boss.streamos.com/wmedia/interscope/eminem/encore/video/mosh-rev/00_mosh-rev.asx

pass the w0rd

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[02 Oct 2004|08:24pm]


I'd like to pose a question to the forum. What other instances of "stolen elections" e.g. 2000, have there been in US history? National scale and local scale.

thanks in advance
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From A Gay, Jewish Democrat... with love [23 Aug 2004|08:27pm]



I made this all by myself.

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Hi guys/girls [20 Aug 2004|06:51pm]

I just wanted to invite you all to the community open_debate. Our current debate is gay marriage. For? Against? Sound off! Thanks!
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[29 Jul 2004|10:59am]

Just some thoughts to share:
I watched the O'Reilly factor last night. Because it was the follow up to MIchael Moore. That O'Reilly is an idiot. He repeats these phrases over and over. LIke 'the no spin zone'. Ummmmm... hello this is a political talk show, can we avoid chanting the phrases like its Jerry Fucking Springer? He also may be a little dumb. I mean Fox News channel has admitted to a right wing bias. Its owned by Ted freaking Turner the biggest Republican contributer there is. But he was like suprised that people thought there was bias.

He was also suprised that people believe Bush lied about WMD's. He instead says that Bush relied on faulty intelligence. Ummmm.... are we forgetting about the fact that Bush had investigators on the ground in Iraq that were reporting all along that there were no WMD's? That Bush had millions of dollars invested in an oil pipeline that was being blocked from production by the Iraqi government? That Bush and his whole crew of liars told the American public that there was a connection between Sadaam and September 11th?

Cheney said "there is a definite connection between Sadaam and 911". Then he comes out and says no there wasnt. Whoops. Sorry. We went to war under false pretenses. WE destroyed a country that never made an aggressive move towards us. Oh, and of course me and Halliburton are going to make billions from the oil pipeline which was the first thing to be approved by the new president of Iraq that Bush appointed. Coincedence? I think not. Jesus people open your eyes. Bush and his crew lied to us for profit. We took lives for profit. We killed innocent citizens, destroyed cities, an entire functioning economy based on lies and greed. But this is the man you want in charge of our country? Your going to put your trust and faith in a man so controlled by big business and profit that he was willing to put our American soldiers in harm? Our soldiers are dying over there for corporate profits! Cheney has 100 thousand shares of Halliburton stock. Guess who is rebuilding Iraq? Halliburton -a multi-billion dollar deal people. Do you see what he has done to our international relations for profit! We are the most hated nation in the world. Most other country's think we are terrorists people.

Wake up! Stop being sheep! Dont blindly follow someone based on party lines. Dont be a one issue voter. I know lots and lots of people vote based on one issue, usually abortion, but wake up! Abortion will never be made illegal. We have so many cases affirming it as a fundamental right to privacy that even with a completely new supreme court precedent wouldnt give way. Start questioning things. Hey-lots of Democrats voted for Reagan in the 80's because they saw him as the best candidate. Its ok to vote for the other party if you are not being represented fairly by your own party. I beg of you people, just open your eyes. Spend some time questioning things. You may be absolutely amazed by what you find.

Kerry is wonderful. People call him a flip-flopper. I see it as changing times. He voted for some things in the past that he now realizes were bad ideas. Didnt work. Thats called growth. Learning from one's mistakes. I challenge anyone to actually find a reason this man shouldnt be president.

Ok sorry about the rant-I am just tired of people blindly following someone because of their party or one particular issue. My father is voting for Bush solely based on gun control issues. Ummmm.... hello we have an ammendment that allows gun ownership. That isnt going to be repealed. Look beyond your one issue and determine who is going to best lead us. Who is going to make this country a safer, more productive and prosperous place for our children? It is not Bush. Oh and this isnt only an American issue. Saying I dont care, I"m not an American or whatever is a cop out. What Bush is doing, has done, is jeopardizing the safety and prosperity of every country. My international friends-you should be just as concerned with this. When our economy tanks-everyone's weakens. We are the largest and most productive industrial nation. Everyone's economy is tied to ours. And when we make enemies, create a religous war, we jeopardize the safety of everyone. Terrorism throughout the world is at an all time high. Bush hasnt made us safe-he has put us all in danger because of his greed.
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haha [11 Jun 2004|04:32pm]

Limbaugh announces end of 10-year marriage
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Conservative radio commentator Rush Limbaugh announced Friday that he and his wife, Marta, were divorcing.

The Limbaughs "mutually decided to end their marriage of 10 years" and have "separated pending an amicable resolution," according to a statement released by Limbaugh's publicist.

The couple shared a $24 million oceanfront mansion in nearby Palm Beach, from where Limbaugh often broadcast his daily three-hour show.

Spokesman Tony Knight said the matter was personal and declined further comment.

So much for traditional family values. I guess he might argue that divorce is becoming one of them.
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[05 Jun 2004|01:22pm]

So apparantly the F.B.I. had a suspected terrorist in custody before 9/11 who told them that Al Qada was planning to attack the WTC, and they set him free.

Does anyone know any more about this? I saw it on MSNBC, and I only trust BBC on the internet, and it wasn't on there.
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Nick Berg [31 May 2004|10:16pm]

I just saw a post below claiming that the Nick Berg video was real. So here, I present you with a link which has 48 legitimate statements which clearly show that the video was staged:
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Hello, Iraq war, shameless self promotion - in that order [31 May 2004|10:04pm]

Hey there everyone. I just joined up so I'd like to post something I wrote a few days ago:

My conclusions on the Iraq war...Collapse )

I also started my own community for discussion of philosophy, politics, art, or really anything else you'd like. If you're interested, here's the link:
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[17 May 2004|01:35pm]

A month ago on April 18th, Bush led by five points in the polls. Now, $70 million in misleading Bush ads later, John Kerry is up by five points (51-46).

Even more amazing is that polling among swing state voters shows John Kerry leading there as well. George Bush's approval rating is at an all time low of 42%, and 58% of Americans disapprove of George Bush's handling of Iraq.

I have a lot of smart, kind republican friends. My question to you all is -what do people not like about Kerry? I have yet to hear one intelligent opinion on what is wrong with Kerry? Just curious......
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[12 May 2004|07:02am]

"What's the big deal with the Iraq prison abuse?" they say. "Ooo, women's underwear on your head and a cute female marine walking you around on a leash all day while you're naked... hell, some men pay for that! Hahah, what're they complaining about!" Obvious arrogance, unbelievable ignorance. What others consider humiliation and torture can not be compared to what we view as such. Leaking the photos of the Iraqi prisoner abuse meant an inevitable violent response. Were the repercussions the media's fault? Absolutely not. Releasing the photos into the mainstream meant an immediate stop to the abuse, and punishment for those who took part. Had this continued in silence, many more atrocities could have occured in the prisons and they would eventually, one way or another, have been discovered by the world over. Repercussions for abuse that became more severe over time would clearly be worse than what we currently face.

That being said, the consequences for our actions are being felt. Being as that this is a war in a land that is not ours, every action has a reaction. The attack on Fallujah resulted in the murder of multiple security personnel. And the torture of Iraqi prisoners has resulted in the violent murder of at least one other American.

Video seems to show beheading of American

May 11, 2004

A video posted Tuesday on an Islamic militant Web site showed the beheading of an American civilian in Iraq, and said the execution was carried out by an al-Qaida affiliated group to avenge the abuse of Iraqi prisoners by American soldiers.

One of the executioners read a statement:

‘‘For the mothers and wives of American soldiers, we tell you that we offered the U.S. administration to exchange this hostage with some of the detainees in Abu Ghraib and they refused."

‘‘So we tell you that the dignity of the Muslim men and women in Abu Ghraib and others is not redeemed except by blood and souls. You will not receive anything from us but coffins after coffins ... slaughtered in this way."

Watch the video here - Warning: Extremely graphic

Now to explain why I'm posting the video. I was hesitant at first, contemplating whether this was necessary for people to watch. I originally watched it out of curiousity, because I had misread an article that made me wonder whether the video was actually legitimate. Rereading the article I misread before, I now know that they weren't referring to the legitimacy of the video, and I viewed first-hand that there is little doubt about it. But why I'm posting it is simple: I think it's important for Americans to realize what it's like over there; to see what the real world is like; to realize the struggles people in other parts of the world face; to actually witness what people are driven to do, and why. It's time Americans stopped living in their bubbles. Shit like this happens. After watching this, I believe that viewing it first-hand IS important, and does add a certain perspective. If you don't want to watch, or don't think I should be posting it, don't click the link. For the rest of you, there it is.


I cross-posted and disabled comments and emailing comments so that I only have to check one page to view them, and so that my inbox isn't filled up. It's a lot easier, and promotes a lot more discussion. Stop bitching about it. You have to click the same amount of times either way - one.

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